Hear all about the 7 month Ride Round England

William Reddaway and Strider celebrate their mammoth ride

March 2014 – William Reddaway and his horse Strider have completed their Ride to the four corners of England and will be celebrating their extraordinary journey at The Grocers Hall, Princes Street, London EC2R 8AD on Monday 28th April.

From 4.30 to 6.30pm, William and Strider will be at Grocers Hall alongside the two charities, The Family Holiday Association and Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre who the ride was in aid of, to give a short talk on the ride and the challenges they faced and highlights they enjoyed.

The event is open to the public and there will be an opportunity to meet William and Strider.  If you would like to come you must, please, email by Monday 7 April to be added to the attendance list.

For further information about the event visit, William has a Facebook page Strider has his own Twitter feed @riderndengland.  To donate


For more information, photos or interviews, please contact:
Emma Walton, Walton Public Relations.
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Notes on Sponsors:

The 400-acre Farncombe Estate, above the village of Broadway in the Cotswolds, where William worked for 28 years was the venue for the start and finish of this 2,500 mile journey.

South Essex Insurance Brokers Ltd (SEIB) has been providing specialist insurance solutions since 1963. While SEIB offers a wide range of insurance products it is recognised as a leading equine insurer. SEIB is providing the insurance for Strider.

Simple System Limited is a horse feed company dedicated to providing the very best forage feed diet for horses. Simple System will be providing Strider with a consistent feed matched to his needs at the 120 or so locations where he and William will stay on the journey.

The 400-acre Farncombe Estate combines Farncombe Courses, which offers leisure courses and study breaks in the Cotswolds, and the Cotswold Conference Centre, an award winning meeting and training venue. William worked at Farncombe for 28 years and the centre will be the start and finish point for the ride. Limited is dedicated to providing SMEs and Non-Profits with solutions for all their IT needs. LMNO has created the Ride’s website and supports its development.

Notes about both charities:

Family Holiday Association:

For over 35 years, the Family Holiday Association has been working to provide short breaks for the most needy families in our community. The charity helps families in desperate circumstances: those dealing with bereavement, poverty, chronic illness, inadequate housing, or domestic violence.

The chance to enjoy a break away from the stresses of daily life is something that many of us take for granted, but thousands of UK children have never had the chance to enjoy a holiday.

Typically, a family granted a break spends a week staying in a caravan in a UK seaside town. We have found that these simple holidays can have a positive effect on mental health, help strengthen relationships within the family and give family members a fresh perspective, providing them with the motivation to make positive changes to their lives.  The Family Holiday Association is registered charity no. 800262.

For further information please contact: Michelle Barnes  020 3117 0663


Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre:

The Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre was founded as a registered charity in 1989 to provide riding lessons, equine assisted therapy and horse care lessons to children and young people. It is situated on the edge of Wormwood Scrubs, an oasis of green in the inner city London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and serves a diverse community from a range of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, including people with disabilities. By working and caring for the animals, children learn how to work and integrate with each other within a broad, supportive educational experience and in a safe, structured environment.  Registered Charity No: 1045045


Well!!! I have just managed to take text


Well!!! I have just managed to take text off a document I had typed and copy it into the blog. WILL I EVER MANAGE TO DO THIS AGAIN? Thank you Chris Peat for giving me the idea of how it might be done.

A different day …… On Tuesday we walked


A different day …… On Tuesday we walked over to Baxenden,, about 10 miles over two big hills to stay with Chris and Dave. Strdider was turned out in a field and later the front door bell rang. Two ladies were standing outside with Strider. They had spotted him going down the road and caught him. It seems likely he had jumped a low wall down a 5ft drop into the lane and headed off. We put him in the yard instead. After supper the bell rang again. The same ladies had seen him heading off down the road. We checked the yard and found a bit of fence barrier behind the stable had been moved so he had been able to slip through the gap. A call to the police confirmed a sighting some way off and we went off to look. Eventually he was found right across town on a bridleway. Two people had been following him but unable to catch him. Apparently he had gone along the road at walk and trot, along the bypass on the correct side of the road, down a slip road, through an industrial estate and onto the bridleway. He had probably done about 4 miles. I walked him back along the bridleway and Chris went to get the trailer. Once home he was shut in the stable. Don’t think about the ‘what might have happened’ possibilities.