The Challenge for me is to ride a horse across the country to four corners of England, going through towns and cities, visiting 30 cathedrals and abbeys on the way. I want to make enough noise (I am learning to play the trumpet) to raise that £250,000.

My name is William Reddaway, my horse is called Strider. You can find much more information at http://www.rideroundengland.org or at https://www.facebook.com/rideroundengland

If the mood takes you why not donate by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello to you both! Fantastic endeavor! When will you be in North Norfolk? The route map says you will be passing our front door between Melton Constable and Hindolveston – The Old Dairy Farm. Apart from making a donation let us know if we can help as you pass – a drink, a rest. All the very best! Keith

  2. Hi William – let us know if you need any help along the route of Saxilby to Lincoln this week. What day and time are you hoping to get to the Cathedral, we were hoping to drive and see you. We are near Sleaford. Happy to come along and bring you or Strider anything you may need – water, cakes, sandwiches – you name it!. Have paddock and stables south of Sleaford and trailer if you need anything else. Good luck – Emma and Wayne.

    • Sorry slow response. No WiFi last night. Due at cathedral at 12 noon tomorrow,Tuesday. I think people are brining things for me but some hay in a net would be good and may need help looking after him while I with other people. Also some bits of carrot to keep him amused if tied up on pavement and he decides use front foot for major graffiti project.
      I am sorted for tomorrow night: coming back to saxilby and on to South well on Wednesday but tks very much for the offer
      Look forward to seeing you tomorrow

  3. Hi William
    Okey dokey, happy to do that, I’m working in day but asking boss to let me have some time to come out and do this so will bring haynet and carrots as requested and help to hold Strider. We will just double park right near the Cathedral – black shogun. I have a decent camera on my phone too so happy to be photographer Hopefully bringing Wayne with me too as he is re-arranging a few meetings. Looking forward to seeing you and lovely Strider.

  4. Hello William,
    I have only just heard of this amazing journey you are making. I would like to offer Strider and yourself a Bowen treatment when you get back to Gloucestershire. I’m based in Cheltenham and am happy to come out as and when you feel appropriate to help with recovery for you both. Good luck and hope you don’t get too wet for the rest of your adventure. beth@equinebowentherapy.com

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