Five Years On: December 2018

It is a long time since 8 December 2013 when Strider and I got home. So, here are some bits of news:
Since then I have given 124 talks to different community groups, and have, so far, 20 more in the diary for 2019.
The fundraising has got up to £86,000 shared between the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre RDA group and the Family Holiday Association.
Strider has moved to the friends who helped me choose him back in 2012 and is very happily living on their farm near Mickleton looked after by Keith, Jacquie, Hayley and Sam. I see him regularly.
AND on Friday 28 December at 4.55pm you can hear me on the Radio 4 Listening Project talking with my Long Rider friend Katrina about our ride experiences. It is repeated in the Omnibus Edition at 2.45pm on Sunday 30 December.

Thankyou for your support to the Rid Round England, and

Remember: if you know anyone or any group that might like to hear a talk about the ride do, please, get in touch.


3 thoughts on “Five Years On: December 2018

  1. Dear William

    Great to hear of your wonderful achievement. I will be listening to you on radio 4. Gosh doesn’t time fly by….

    Kindest regards

    Mike Richardson

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  2. Well done William and Strider on your fund raising – fantastic !
    Merry Christmas to you both , give Strider a carrot on my behalf when you next see him 🙂
    Best wishes
    Sue Buckley

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